Federico Pistono

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I am an explorer.

It is said that as children we are all born curious and artistic. The challenge is to remain so when we grow up.

I have worked a lot in my life, but life is important than business. Therefore, I have decided to devote one day a week to working, and the rest to living.

I love exploring the body, and the mind, in love with life.

Explorer of the body


Yoga is union.

Harmony between mind and body, the whole becoming one.

I’m a certified Yoga Teacher in Elemental Vinyasa Krama Yoga (International Yoga Alliance).


AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of the healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, a sense of play and community.

I have been practicing AcroYoga since 2019 wherever I have the opportunity. I love the connection that is created with a partner and the sense of freedom and happiness. I have completed the first part of teacher training and taught basic classes to adults and children, and I am an intermediate course assistant.


I love to fly.

When I am in the air,  there is an empty yet infinite space.

There are no thoughts, and no worries.

Just the present moment.


Calisthenics is the art of using one’s body weight as resistance to develop the physique. It is derived from the Greek words kállos (κάλλος), meaning ‘beauty”, and sthenos (σθένος), meaning “strength”.


I love to feel a deep relationship with the body, to develop a harmony and beauty in the movements, an awareness that goes beyond the voice in the head.

federico pistono calisthenics v-sit

Explorer of the mind


The word psychonautics is derived from the Greek ψυχή psychē (mind, spirit) and ναύτης naútēs (to navigate), which is a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness.

Just as cosmonauts explore space, psychonauts explore mind and spirit.

federico pistono meditating in buddhist temple in thailand square

For the past ten years I have been dedicated to transcending the limits of body and mind to elevate my spirit and reach new states of consciousness through breathing techniques, immersion practices (cold exposure), meditation and consciousness expansion experiences.

Federico Pistono Cold Exposure Estonia Meditation

Esploratore della mente

La parola psiconautica deriva dal greco ψυχή psychē (mente, spirito) e ναύτης naútēs (navigare), ovvero una metodologia per descrivere e spiegare gli effetti soggettivi degli stati alterati di coscienza.

Come i cosmonauti esplorano lo spazio, gli psiconauti esplorano la mente e lo spirito.

Da dieci anni mi dedico al superamento dei limiti del corpo e della mente per elevare lo spirito e raggiungere nuovi stati di coscienza, attraverso tecniche di respirazione, pratiche di immersione (cold exposure), meditazione ed esperienze di espansione della coscienza.